Seeing double

Some may criticise me for posting a similar picture two days in a row. For me, it is an opportunity to try and improve on my shot from yesterday and to keep track of how I'm doing. Mr B prefers yesterday’s shot. I kind of like them both for different reasons. Since I hit 11 years (without missing a day) of blips tomorrow, I think I can do whatever the heck I want!

I went for a bike ride this morning with RO. We didn't go a long way, about 16 km, but since I haven't really been on my bike for far too long, it was better than staying in bed. Then up to the Wetlands with the whole family (minus Nikau, of course!) for a walk. Abe played with a Border Collie called Fred, and was suitably tired out.

Then Little Miss' basketball game. They lost by a lot, but scored the highest number of goals they've ever got against that team, so we considered it a win anyway.

Mass and then home for dinner. Roasted Brussel sprouts (with garlic, rosemary - from the garden, and hazelnuts) are on the menu, among other things.

Better go and check it's not burning!


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