The New Game

is keeping a few people entertained. The rules are that you have to wear one of your vast collection of Princess outfits, get in the trampoline and chuck a ball out for the team of Daddy and Grandaddy  to catch. Then watch them run around like a right pair of wallies while you laugh your head off at them and mainly keep this going as it keeps them under control. Make it as difficult as possible and make the rules fit so that you can win making it difficult for the opposition by saying they have to hop while doing it (as you are jumping on the trampoline so that makes it equal )
Not a bad game. I tried the initial version which was "catch the wig Granny ".............Quite tiring playing a game of squash and getting laughed at. It was fun. Cian was more interested in showing us his new lit up train track under the bed (I had quite a nice rest for that one while lying on the floor watching the lit up trains)

We called in on them on the way home from our friend's house in Dunblane, where we were given tea and breakfast and coffee and had a good laugh. We had lunch at our son's house. We wondered if our daughter and family would be back from their break away so that we could go up for dinner !!!!!!

Cian is in second shot getting his clothes ready for school.

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