The wreck

Went swimming early this morning then had coffee with my friend Meera. Called in the garden centre for plants and bulbs . I went over to Blackpool as it would have been my mum's birthday today and it was my dad's anniversary last week. I put a Rosemary plant and a pot with spring bulbs in on my parents grave and a Rosemary plant on my grandma's grave which is round the corner from my parents. I drove to the crematorium where my Nana is buried and put a plant and bulb pot on her grave. I was really pleased to see the tea shop had reopened. Simon and I would always go in whenever we visited that cemetery but it had closed down. I did try to go in but it had just shut.
I decided to drive to Skipool Creek a place my dad took us to and the place where I got my girl guide camping badge. That memory came back to me as I wandered taking photos. I clearly remember being told we had to get rid of the fire ashes and we weren't allowed to bury them so I wrapped them up and put them in my bag and threw them in the rubbish bin!
I liked this derelict boat the bridge in the background is Shard bridge and years ago you had to pay 2d to cross it. They even used to come on the bus and collect all monies. It seems I've had a day of memories today.

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