By dreaming

Three bees

Honest, they're there.  I went to Carkeek and was looking at the Butterfly Garden (Extra), when I realized that there were bees flitting all over the plants.  I took lots of shots, with difficulty since the sun was in my eyes, and was sure I would get at least one with a bee in it.  I had little luck.  Then I realized, looking very closely, that there are actually three bees in this one!  Don't know if you can see them too, but you can take my word for it.

A very smoky day, made worse by the fact that the ventilation system in my building pulls in air directly from outside.  When I go into the hallway, I cough.  However, it's keeping the heat down a bit, which is welcome.  It appears that Thursday we will be done with summer for the foreseeable future, with temps dropping into the 70's and even high 60's and maybe even some rain.

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