The power of wind

The end balustrade on the end unit of Level Three was blown out during a violent storm a few months ago. It has not been repaired. The reason is that there was inadequate strengthening in the construction. We have now had all the balconies tested, and it seems that this is so for all or most of the balustrades on the building. 

Fifteen years after the building was declared completed, signed off by the Council, we find yet another instance where the company which built this apartment block, cut corners and left things partly done. The company went into voluntary liquidation leaving the sub-contractors unpaid for the work and their materials. 

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that the owner of the company which had as an independent subsidiary the company responsible for the building, deliberately failed and shut the limited liability company with minimal payouts to the subbies. It also seems that Council building inspectors did not do their job properly when signing off the quality of the work. The recommendation is that all balustrades are replaced.

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