Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

What Shall We Do Today?

Well Florence, what shall we do today?
No idea, you asked to come outside.
Well it looked nicer outside than inside.
Well if you look over there, to the South, you will see some black clouds. My feet are cold and I am going in to eat a second breakfast and sleep in my bed.
And she did, in fact Dougal followed her in just as the rain came down, quite heavily at times.
I blanched and froze a glut of vegetables before lunch and then we watched the Formula One; Ralph, one of our friends visited during the afternoon. I also stayed up until I had crocheted all of my squares together. Now all it needs is a border, a mammoth task, as it is single bed size.
I have included an extra of the Afghan, as an extra, there is not a specific pattern as when I started it was just to practice making some square and like Topsy and Pinocchio’s nose it just grew! It is not a particularly good picture as I did not intend to use it on blip and will include a better picture once the border is complete.

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