Have sledge hammer, will travel!

The extra shows my handiwork with a rather heavy mallet, some very long nails and my holy fury at yet another Socialist party poster being sabotaged. Åke put a picture up on Facebook this morning and wondered if anyone could mend it. It's one of three areas needing attention today... the list of damage at the police station is just getting longer.

The placard itself was super heavy and very wobbly, but I was determined to leave it standing instead of lying in bits on the ground. It would have been easier with Keith helping, but since I was alone I had to think it through logically and use my whole body to hold things in place as I bashed nails into wobbly board and planks. Not ideal, and it isn't pretty but it's up and pretty stable. As I was working I thought it must look a bit mad if anyone was watching, I saw later in the picture that someone was!

But my day began in a very different way, Keith was indisposed (something he ate? Dog's bugs?) so I took the beast out for his morning constitutional down to the lake and back before breakfast. Here he is, lying full length, resting his bum on my foot and almost dangling his front paws in the water. He returns to his rightful owner tomorrow making distributing leaflets for the party more feasible, and leaving the house less cordoned off. But also leaving us dogless!

I met up with Inger today and looked at her father's many birch-root creations, tiny little roots bound into glorious baskets, crowns, pots and so on. He was a skilled carver too and her flat has many things he made. Lovely to see them. We had coffee and cakes and talked politics. it's a tricky election this time, and many people are feeling uncertain about how to vote, what will get the best result - since no one party can get a majority it's all about guessing the shape of the coalitions.

Rose came home from Spain yesterday and we had dinner together (Keith isn't eating) and debriefed! I like it when my chosen family is assembled. Got a phone call on the way home from Kerstin with the great good news that there is a place for me on the bookbinding course that is run at the County Archives. They are like gold dust and I am thrilled! Imagine, all that paper, the knowledge, the precision, the smells, and the books. It will be good for me to stop making it all up and actually learn how to do things. Kerstin is also part of my chosen family, and it means we'll see a bit more of each other too. Excellent.

All in all a productive and full day, with a lot of human contact. The canine contact included Rusty hurling himself at me and bashing me in the face when I came home after a day away. Not what he's supposed to do. I even ended up grabbing him by the side of the mouth to explain things to him. It worked a treat and he was placid after that. His owner taught me that this was the way forward, terriers can't be grabbed by the scruff of the neck, unless you want a fight on your hands!

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