Tiny Wings

for Tiny Tuesday. He has moved over the horizon..............seems when I shoot bugs they try to hide from me !! I am sure it happens to us all.

Maybe extra shots.... It was a lovely day perfect for the garden chaps Rab and Mark to come and sort out our levels. They are very co-operative and flexible. I had to be flexible too as when I saw Rab laying the first of the planter it looked not what I had planned. However he had figured that access would have been difficult. I hadn't thought that through and he was right so it was plan B. Then there were levels and steps to decide on. That was another tricky one but we figured it out. Loving what they have done so far. I'm sure there will be more to decide on but as Rab and I have agreed from the basic idea we go with the flow.............an expression I like and one doesn't want to be rigid about things. Keep an open mind and all that.

Made a huge pan of soup with beef bones as my mother used to make. So thats dinner sorted.

Mr AF has been busy thinking of a late autumn break and getting more compost from the tip as well as keeping tabs on Jeremy Corbyn..........What is the man up to...............

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