Trapped by Time

By inkstainedthumb

This Cheeky Cat

Another photo of one much loved and very cheeky cat. Ash is technically allowed to sleep in doors, but he still does. He's figured out that the cat flap will only let him out and thus he can't get back in. It means he'll curl up somewhere we're all downstairs or he'll go out and then bang on the catflap until he's let in again. Then he'll sleep inside and then let himself out during the night. He'll then spend the rest of the night in the conservatory with Smudge, our other cat.

Work is going well. Had back pain today and we were slightly short staffed so everyone was doing everything (taking orders at the till, making drinks, running food and packaging our own fries). We've also got the inspectors in tomorrow so various members of staff were cleaning, err, scrubbing, various machines. Thankfully I'm off tomorrow so won't get caught up in the tense atmosphere.

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