Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Twin Towers

I was signed up for a camera club field trip and showed up at 8:45 (to leave at 9 am).  No one showed up.  I was really disappointed and pretty frustrated.  I didn't have the wrong day because it was posted inside on the club calendar

I had already arranged to be out for most of the day so since I had my camera, I decided to wander around "downtown" Green Valley. I wasn't much in the mood to look for awesome shots - turned out to be more of a 3-mile walk to work off my frustration.  I didn't have any water with me and it was hot:100°/38°.  I subconsciously walked a route where I knew people who worked in cooler establishments and would give me some water and a place to rest: the bank, Walgreens, etc  It's a good thing people in this end of town like me.

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