Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Open weekend 2

Oh dear, I'm so late tonight!  Scamper scamper!

Well today my plan to blip all four of Winchester's Heritage Open Days (as I now know they're called) slightly fell apart.  I wanted to do all sorts of nice things, like visiting the book bindery but so many events were full up.  Apparently I should have started to plan a month ago.  I would, if I'd known..

But at least there were a few things that you could just turn up for.  What I was left with today was the Great Hall, which I've blipped from several times before, but visitors shared the space with 4 musicians collectively called Courtlye Musick.  They played replica sackbuts, shawms, etc and sang Tudor love songs.  And actually they were wonderful.  I stayed an hour bowled out by the music and fighting the light (of which there was very little and all coming from behind - that was the challenge).

So this is one member of Courtlye Musick playing some sort of viol.  Phew!

Hope the evening's treating you well  xx

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