Decisions, Decisions!

Couldn't decide between the blue agapanthus or the yellow rudbeckia , they're both beautiful and both in my neighbours garden :)

This morning, Charlie didn't want to go out at all...

Hoped I'd have more success tonight if I went in the garden - but she stayed in and was watching me from the doorway, then worse - Bully Boy got in my house when I was in the garden :( :( 

Luckily there was no food in the kitchen where he was...and she was under the table in the lounge. 

I am going to have to use a water spray to get rid of bully boy (no choice in the matter, much as I feel as if I'm being unkind....

Charlie has an appointment for her health check at the vet's tomorrow - not sure how I'm going to catch her to get her in the basket - she's been here almost a month and doesn't like being picked up at all....suggestions please cat owners??

Busy old day, now in my pjs and looking forward to an early night.  I'm going into work later tomorrow due to vet visit and will be home later.

Happy Tuesday folks :)

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