Finally it started to rain. It’s again far away from enough, but perhaps we will get some  more rain this weekend. It was enough for some raindrops for a blip between the roses.
Thank you Anni for hosting Flower Friday
There are new troubles ahead.
Perhaps you remember, that I was at the vet with Omo three weeks ago.
He had blood in his urine and she thought he had a cystitis.
She send some urine to the laboratory and would tell us about the results. I heard nothing and Omo was on the mend, so I thought everything would be alright.
Yesterday he started to bleed again. Blimey!
I called the vet and she told me, that he has Struvite kidney stones
He urgently needs a special diet and more antibiothics.
But she has forgotten to tell us this!
You can imagine, that I was not amused about this :-((
Now I’m searching through the internet to learn, what he needs.
My family is keeping me busy :-P

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