By monochrome

Ground Zero

Bitterly cold today in NYC. We knew it would be cold - everyone we had spoke to that had been at this time of year had explicitly told us so, however you can't really appreciate just how cold it is until you've actually experienced it. The only way to describe it is to say that it feels like someone stabbing you repeatedly with shards of icicles. Also, it seems that the wind in NY is unique, in that, no matter which direction you walk in, the wind is always blowing directly in your face.
Luckily, it seems to be a local law that a Starbucks must be present at least every three blocks, which allowed us to duck in for a quick coffee and thaw out when the cold got too much (usually after about 45-60 minutes).

Our hotel is situated in Tribeca (Triangle-below-Canal street), which isn't too far from the financial district of Manhattan, so we went for a wee wander around Wall Street and the likes (tis a pity I didn't have a large amplifier to stage a one man RATM-esque protest. We also had a wander though the World Financial Center (which houses the American Express building, and the Winter Garden etc), which offered this perspective on ground zero, where they are currently in the process of rebuilding after the attack on the Twin Towers.

Potential Blip:
* The Nantucket Lightboat

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