Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


After a visit to the doctor last week, and because I had a racing heartbeat, although my blood pressure was normal, he suggested that I have blood tests and an ECG, (an electrocardiogram), which is a simple test to check the heart's rhythm and electrical activity, so I was booked in at the surgery with Elaine, the Senior Nurse, this morning.

I wasn’t that bothered about the blood being taken although often my veins appear to be hidden and it sometimes takes more than one prod to find one!! However, Elaine did really well and before I knew it, had what seemed like an armful of blood in her various phials.  

I must admit that even though I wasn't actually a blood donor, it did remind me of the famous Tony Hancock sketch when I saw all the phials in the tray!

Elaine printed off labels and finished what she needed to do, then proceeded to hold up another needle and flicked it, as they do, which rather concerned me as I wasn’t aware that I needed an injection to have an ECG, so I coughed and said “Do I need an injection to have an ECG?” Her response, in her forthright Northern accent, was “Don’t be daft, this is your flu jab - unless you want me to put you right out!”  

Mr HCB and I both laughed - he said he wished he’d had a camera because my face was a picture!  We told Elaine that we had appointments to have our flu jabs on Saturday morning, but she said she might as well do them as we were both there, so I took the opportunity to take a quick shot of Mr HCB having his.  We both agreed that both jabs were painless and we didn't feel a thing.  

Elaine then told me to go behind the screen and take all my top clothing off and lie on the couch (just as well Mr. HCB didn't have a camera at this point!)  I must say that it took longer for her to attach all the bits and bobs to my ankles, wrists and chest than it did to do the actual ECG. 

By the time we had both had our flu jabs and she had entered more information on the computer screen, Elaine was able to tell me that the doctor had seen my ECG and it was normal, which was a relief.  She also said that the blood results should be back early next week. 

So all that remained was to cancel the Saturday morning appointments, make one for Mr HCB to have his shingles injection and that was that. Quite a pleasant morning and a bonus that my ECG was fine.  Thanks, Elaine - shame we didn't have time to stop for a cup of coffee to finish off the morning!

“I believe every human
     has a finite number
          of heartbeats.
I don’t intend to waste
     any of mine!”
Neil Armstrong

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