There used to be a massive barn here

And after a whole day of crashing, crushing, banging, shifting, breaking and flattening there is no longer a building. It was a two story barn that used to belong to the oldest house in the village, so I'm guessing it was ancient. That old house got burnt down to make way for the new kit-house that was erected in a matter of days.

Now the owners have demolished the barn, which was signposted as dangerous from the day we moved into the village in 1987. The metal roof had been losing sheets every time there was a windy storm.... I felt sad to see ll sorts of useful things being crushed and destroyed, but they aren't mine and I can't have an opinion. Except I do! This is how old things end up being so rare, they are not valued and are destroyed casually to make way for something else. What, in this case, remains to be seen.

We cycled to town, the circuit is 12 kilometers and it goes pretty fast with the e-bike. I posted a book off to a person I don't know in Australia, it's part of a book exchanging thing where I should receive books in a similar way. I will be a bit amazed if it works to be honest, but I've done my bit!

The Swedish parliament voted to remove our PM today, but he's now leading the caretaker government till a new government can be formed. Nothing more will happen till Thursday, at least not openly. Behind the scenes there is probably a whole lot of febrile activity. 

I did some painting and sticking and playing today, you can see some of it in the extra.

I'm tagging this dereliction in memory of SarumStroller, who loved dereliction and inspired us to look again.

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