One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Schoolboy error

You do not let your camera unattended when you go to the lavatories. 
No you don't. 

A great day, mostly spent in the very picturesque Haddington (picturesque when there are no middle-aged hooligan pissheads loitering in the foreground of the Riverside flipping the V to passing disabled persons on mobility scooters).
You don't believe me? See for yourself...

It was great to meet Mr Smith's family. They coped pretty well with the "weirdo from the internet". They seemed to. Or their acting skills are of the Oscar-winning kind. Thanks a million for having me around. 

I also got to meet the Blippet and Fat Satan in the fur. Don't believe a word of the calumnies Mr Smith posts on the interweb. The pug is an adorable wee pup. End of story.  

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