The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Preparing for travels

Because I am traveling for work next Sunday, I have a few things to get done before I go.

One of those things was to get my car valeted. However, this was not an easy task. Usually I pop to our local garden centre and head for a cup of tea whilst this is done. On my arrival this morning I could get nowhere near the garden centre itself, which was not ideal.

Instead, I headed in the opposite direction up the 720 to get the car washed, then I hovered it at our local garage and cleaned/disinfected the dashboard and windows myself. This was not ideal but at least my car is cleaned, tyres checked for driving and it is now filled with petrol for my future travels.

I blip a picture whilst I was sitting in my car covered in car shampoo before it’s scrub!

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