I spy with my Tiny Red Eye

something beginning with F

I tried to ID it but I didn't have the patience........looked like a house fly although I found him in the Greenhouse. This is for Tiny Tuesday hosted by WWombat and has a theme of Celebratory.

As he is a pretty revolting looking specimen to us humans I am going to celebrate his existence as I'm sure he does some good work out there.........He might be very attractive to his female counterpart.

Today was sunny but coldish. I went to the doctor. A very nice and even handsome young man (always a bonus) I asked him for some tests, some that the NHS do not provide and some he hadn't heard of but he gave me the usual stuff. I think he was of the opinion that they weren't necessary and although he didn't say so to my face I'm sure he thought that the damage was already done !!!!! Probably has been.............ho ho

Home and then 3 hours of gardening after some shopping. I will try to provide a prettier shot in extra to make up for the scary fly.

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