Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Harry Harling, Janet and Peter

I reorganised the workroom table, put some olive tins under the legs to raise it up so I can work standing.  It seemed to work nicely, and feels stable till I can think of a more permanent solution. This photograph was on the table and I decided to spruce it up a bit a since the chemicals weren't washed off properly and it's gone brown in places. I can see it was only a throw-away as there are other flaws and my Dad - who had his own dark room - was such a perfectionist about his photos! 

I love this little photograph. I'm assuming my Mum took it, Dad was the regular photographer so there aren't that many pictures of him. Here he is relaxing, it has to be summer, as he wouldn't be lolling about on the grass unless it was dry. 

What am I doing? What am I holding in my hand? No idea. I love the shoes, the frock that Mum surely sewed herself, and the energy in those arms and legs! I think I'm about 5 years old since Pete looks about 18 months. Where's David? He would be 3 and a half.

If it isn't the summer holidays (2 weeks in June) it is probably a Sunday because Dad worked all the other days. It's more than likely the afternoon since the mornings were taken up with church and seeing Granny and Grandpa Harling.

We used to do a walk past Mercer Park, through some fields with cattle and horses, and down to the Fortes' Arms for ice cream. It might be there. I have no idea and the clues are few. That handbag, it has to belong to me. I have no memory at all of a handbag.... I find it so touching that my lovely Dad was looking after it, nestled on his leg. He looks so self-assured and relaxed, happy in his own skin.

I enjoyed removing the brown stain and tidying things up a bit, quite absorbing and meditative - and it made me look deeper.

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