Emz sketchbook

By Emz

Rotorua, New Zealand

After 9 hrs from Whitianga (via Auckland) we arrived in Rotorua. The city is bustling with geothermal activity (which gives the air a very eggy stench!) and we couldn't wait to explore. 20 min walk away is Kuirau park where you can view the geothermal activity for free and I had a little foot bath in the natural hot springs! It was fascinating seeing the gysers as I've never seen anything like it and just how much activity is happening below us!
We also had a night time walkabout tour exploring the bush and seeing some glow worms. Our tour guide Stephen was really friendly and informative - even telling us he knows if a car is from Rotorua as the metal has eroded from the gases in the air!! It was like we were on a nature show as it was pitch black with headlights and infra red torches to explore in our small group. We managed to get really close to the glow worms only when our lights were switched off and they twinkle like thousands of tiny little stars, it was magical. They hang from a rod from side to side like a little hammock and glow to attract insects. The glow worms weren't the only thing we saw in the bush we also saw a hedgehog, possum, wallabies (inc a little baby one hopping about) and weta's - which are prehistoric spider looking insects native to New Zealand. Brilliant day and have Hobbiton tomorrow!

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