More preparation for winter

Today we have been removing summer furniture, chopping back wild shrubs, taking up the decking, emptying the water butts and the watering cans. In the extra the last of the chairs are being carried up the hill to the shed for storage till about next May - if we're lucky!  We have been outdoors in glorious chilly sunshine which is most energising.

I have put the base coat on the new hand rail that Keith made for Betty's, tomorrow I'll put a top coat on, and hopefully there'll be time for another coat before it gets too cold.

There is now a lovely pile of firewood drying for next year, the smaller branches of the felled giant by the boathouse. Thank you Keith! At the same time as tidying up outdoors, I've been picking up and putting away indoors. We have guests on Friday and it is so much better if they can sit on a chair. We are really good at making piles of interesting things... and we only get better at it.

Thank you for all the kindnesses shown to my blip from yesterday, it's currently on page 3 of the popular pages - how nice. It's lovely to have you to share thoughts with, and to know they will be received kindly and with interest - or at least, not shot down in flames! It's all very special, thank you.

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