How can such a such a famous man be forgotten?

One of my lovely neighbours, Kerstin Stuttenberg, Professor of Media & Cultural Studies at Bournemouth University,
has researched, written and directed a film ‘The Goldberg Condition’ about Emanuel Goldberg. Will be of interest to blippers. Goldberg was a brilliant inventor and physicist.

“He contributed a wide range of theoretic and practical advances relating to light and media and was the founding head of Zeiss Ikon, the famous photographic products company in Dresden, Germany. His inventions include microdots, the Kinamo movie camera, the Contax 35 mm camera, a very early search engine, and equipment for sensitometry”

It is being shown in Bournemouth Square, as part of the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea event, at 13:47 - 15:05 (today and tomorrow).

Luckily I managed to find time to watch it yesterday. The sun was out and I grabbed a chair from the Oscura café, ordered a pineapple juice to keep them happy, and watched this fascinating film.

As the title states, How can such a famous man be completely forgotten. “Wie kann ein berühmter Mann vollig vergessen werden”



(In German:- )
Runs until 6/10/18

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