Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

Cat Power

Monday’s race was followed by Monday evening football. But I took yesterday off to rest ahead of today’s 5k. Had a meeting at the Wellingborough warehouse this morning. Had to make my excuses and then zoom to MK in the speedster. Got changed just in time for the start. It’s a horrible distance - short enough to be able to go faster but still quite a long way. Followed the usual tactic of going off quickly and then trying to not drop off too far. Two years ago I set a PB which didn’t happen today but it was a 2nd best time. 30 secs ahead of J and a minute behind G.

7th overall.
2nd OU runner.
Top finisher in a T shirt (Snoopy).

Was buying Cat Power’s new record and saw this old one at a good price...

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