Richie Boo

By RichieBoo

A new Bridge to celebrate with .......

Blip 1000! 

It took me a while, but I made it to my 1000th Blip :)

Hard to believe I've been a member since 2011.... So I present the 'Northern Spire' a new bridge at Sunderland, Tyne & Wear.  It opened a couple of months ago and I knew it would pull in all the togs.  So I waited a while before going and it was still littered with togs! lol

Who would have thought when I started Blipfoto that I would end up owning and running a gallery! A gallery where my photos hang gracefully on the walls....  even more on walls overseas. 

My love of bridges developed by accident and so did the learning of long exposure.  Learnt so much over those years and still learning!  In 10 days time I will be visiting a photography club and I will be giving a talk about my work and Blip will off course be mentioned :) (Nice little plug, hopefully it will generate so more interest)

I've meet some wonderful blippers since I started and admired so many faBOOlous images too.  

A BIG thank you too everyone who has commented and followed since I started and as always "Carry on Blipping!" :)

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