This is a version of the photo that I tidied up a few blips ago, with Dad, me and my little brother Peter. Here's the original.

I had the idea that I could play with some copies of the photo, but the printer was behaving badly and they came out weirdly striped. I got one ok version eventually and had a few odd ones. This is a pastel drawing on top of one of the weird ones. 

There were plenty of thoughts behind the treatment, but who knows if any of that comes across? I got Keith to talk about what he saw, which is always interesting. Anyhow, here it is, the afternoon's creative effort. Feel free to give your interpretation, it's useful to hear reactions!

This evening was bookbinding, I stuck the big fat needle into my thumb twice and a finger once, and I shed blood on one of the pages. I licked it off so there's only a slightly pink stain left. Sven-Eric says there are spots of blood on lots of hand made books, which I find easy to believe. You are working without seeing,and pushing a needle through 4 layers of thickish paper, blindly. Exciting times!

Anyhow, by the end of a very pleasant evening there were three books on my table, glued and drying, with their edges trimmed neatly in the electric guillotine. There was a similar sharp and deadly machine at my work, it was thrilling to watch but mere mortals weren't allowed near! Same here, but I got to watch the rough book becoming a neat one. Magic.

Once again all the women were busy with their own projects, it's lovely to share space with people who love paper, books, and the handicraft associated with book-binding. I felt I should do a bit of research about the terminology and found this useful list. There is no term on that list for the 4 sheets of folded paper that I was stitching as a unit, but one of them would be called a folio - which was my guess. So, not miles off!

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