Quince Blossom

The blossom of the quince has to be my all time favourite. Simple, uncluttered, open and with such a delicate pink.  Our tree is laden with flowers which bodes well for the harvest in March/April next year.

The car is packed with all the "stuff" I am supplying for the members to create a still life.....old, grunge, dried flowers and leaves, cones both big and small, driftwood, rusty stuff, vases of many shapes and sizes, fabrics and scarfs, fresh flowers, fruits - I've probably gone over the top, but at least I'm prepared.  Sorted out the external speakers for the AV, read through my notes don't know how many times.  Yes, I'm ready.

Early meal and I'll be on my way, takes about 3/4 hour to get there, and I don't want to be late.


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