a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Mono Flower

Flower Friday: Mono in the rain

A rainy shot of a daisy this evening taken with flash after dark, in a gap between the showers.

My journal has been a little self obsessed just recently - for understandable reasons.  But I have to say, that the supportive messages from so many of you has been very much appreciated.  

I am struggling to manage binocular vision at present, which means that spending any significant time reading or looking at a screen gives me a bit of a headache.  So I do apologise for not responding to everyone individually.

But the really good news is that at last the facial paralysis definitely seems to have stopped getting any worse as of this morning.  Its been a week now since the "excitement" in France when I was first diagnosed with Bells Palsy and I have to admit that its been a little dismaying to wake up each morning feeling slightly more impaired.    The other good news is that the steroid dose is reducing each day now as I start to finish the course.  I'll be pleased to be off them, however helpful they may have been, as they have been playing havoc with my sleep patterns.


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