Views from the Edge

By ElviraTSquirrel


So. Here is a pretty mundane picture really. Its my very late lunch in Inverness. But it was late for a reason...

Today was the day that I took Dtr and two of her friends down to Inverness for the day, and as a result I had a (very rare) day to myself shopping. For Christmas presents. But I did manage to get to Hobbycraft and a cheapy shoe shop for some things for myself (well you have to dont you..I liked the expansive shoes, but they will have to wait until I get some work through...and its been a very lean few months!)

I'm very proud of darling dtr. She was picked, along with the others, to be one of the first Ambassadors for Eden Court and their Eden Court Creative Scheme. Basically every High School in the Highlands can have an Ambassador (or more) to help spread the creative word and get people involved in the arts in their area. All marvellous stuff.

The girls were treated to a day in the Theatre, and seats to see The Haunted, which by all accounts was very good.

After a mashed up tea trying to keep everyone happy we made our way home after a long, but productive day.

And the car only spluttered twice up on the road back. Think Im going to have to try to save up for a new car soon.

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