Fruit and vegetables

On a normal Saturday morning, after the coffee break, we often go to Roodeschool to get our portion of fresh fruit and vegetables. Directly from the farmer "Goudgewas" instead of the local supermarket.
Today was no exception.
Here’s Daan with a huge pumpkin.

When we came home and got out of the car, Daan heard a loud hissing sound ***). The left front tire had a big hole in it. The print of a large nail was still visible.
I called the roadside assistance ANWB and within an hour they arrived at my house and repaired the tire. Great job!
I still have to go to the garage to have it checked properly from the inside. But I can drive again now and that's nice.
No drone flying today. Instead I updated the firmware and charged the battery. I also watched some more instruction videos on YouTube. Maybe tomorrow.

It's only October but believe it or not, I've been listening to Christmas songs today. The Happy Xmas album of Eric Clapton came out yesterday, and I just couldn't resist. It's a great album I think. Very bluesy, jazzy and even a techno-jingle bells (have to get used to that one though). I can strongly recommend listening to it: Happy XMas 
***) Daan (and Annemarie as well) said it was a loud noise, but I didn't hear a thing. And in fact that concerned me even more than the tire-problem itself. Hmmm...I'm getting old.

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