Petruskerk, Woldendorp

I went out to capture the sunset tonight. The sky looked very promising, so I was optimistic. Together with photo friend Arjan, whom I hadn't seen or spoken for quite a while, I went to Woldendorp. That's a small village nearby with a beautiful medieval church.

Once there I had a hard time to get the right composition. We were too close to the church and the beautiful sky was situated in the wrong corner of whatever composition I tried.

I got my drone up, but the high viewpoint didn't work out either and when I was up in the sky I got warningsabout high wind velocity. My drone advised me to bring it home as soon as possible. So I did.

When it became darker the spotlights went on and from that point all things became easier. I finally found a composition that I liked and framed this shot. Job done. I got my 'keeper' in the end.

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