Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Autumnal exuberance

This fantastic tree stands on the hillside below Holy Trinity Church Dunoon. This morning the sun came out shortly before we all left the building, and this huge tree was glowing. I love the green moss on the dark branches, the delicate tracery of russet leaves, the hugeness of its spread.

I took other photos today - I was overjoyed to see the sunshine again after two dreary days. One is of the shore at Ardyne Point, where great quantities of driftwood have taken the form of tree trunks and branches, huge lumps of wood that would surely be quite a hazard in the sea. Presumably Storm Callum was blowing straight onshore, piling all the debris together onto its first Argyll landfall as it scooshed up the Firth of Clyde.

My other extra is of the beach along the Ardyne - or rather, the high tide where the beach ought to be. The high tide is enormously high just now and much that is familiar was under water today.

I think the forecast is good for tomorrow ... it's certainly much colder outside than it has been!

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