Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Moonrise over the water

After a day spent in Glasgow, a quick walk to restore a sense of normality. And the moment I write that, I'm aware of how odd it sounds. When did my home city become an abnormality in my life? I suppose I've lived here, between the hills and the sea, for longer now than I did in Glasgow, but it's strange how the familiarity of the Subway ( as we always called what it's more the thing to refer to as the Underground), the city centre shops, the streets at the heart of it all - they've become strange, leaving this feeling that I need air and space. And so here we are - not a soul in sight as the crescent moon rises over the dark waters of the Firth of Clyde, over the distant island of Cumbrae. The lights of a car are bright down the coast road, but otherwise we could be the only people in the world. 

It's the time of day, of course - the time when all the normal people are having their evening meal and all the Mod visitors are doing whatever they do at the Mod. But I couldn't help contrasting the scene with that from the roof of the Shields Road Park & Ride in Glasgow, my extra photo for today, where cars surged by endlessly on the nearby M8 and people came and went from the underground station below. 

Glasgow is wonderful. The shops are great, and there are some good restaurants - we were in one for lunch. Getting around the centre is quick and simple if you know what you're doing and plan how to do it. The Subway may be tiny, but it's miraculous in its efficacy. But nowadays, I feel I couldn't live there. 

It's the moon, the big sky and the dark sea for me.

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