The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Dark Eyed Darling

I realize I haven't blipped for a few days so this morning I grabbed a couple of shots of Mehitabel as she lay in the dappled sunlight hitting my bed. She is such a lovely cat and sometimes she seems to disappear in the background when Duma is around. It's not that she isn't a wonderful cat. She is. And it's not that I love him more. I really don't. But there is something "beyond cat" about him. She on the other hand, is pure unabashed cat. She has a wonderful beautiful face. And she puts up with Duma who sometimes decides it's time to chase her. She is often not in the mood for that and a battle ensues. But here she is, looking coquettish and lovely.

I've been out of circulation lately with a nasty bug. It felt a bit chesty so I went to see a doctor on Saturday who said, Nope, just a cold. But Monday it was still down in my chest and there were little crackly sounds when I took deep breaths. So my regular doctor prescribed azythromycin and I began taking it yesterday. I feel a bit better tonight but it's a long slow process. I'm most likely going to skip painting tomorrow. Shelly stayed with me most of the weekend but he went home yesterday and is still there. He's feeling much better from his cold and I'm happy about that. I'm just hanging out at home until I feel well enough to go out. The cats are keeping me company and Shel and I are talking regularly on the phone.

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