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I had a weird night with a lot of awake time, I get a buzzing in my ear sometimes, a sort of fast hammering that actually wakes me up, then keeps me awake. It's been doing that recently after a very long break....

Anyhow, we are not 100% either of us so it was near-to-home play today. I fetched Dad's singer into the sewing room from Betty's where it was relegated when the new and fabulous (no longer sewing) machines arrived. It needed a bit of encouragement and adjusted tensions but it is now SEWING! Good old Singer.

So I did some machine sewing just to show I could. I have Christmas presents to organise before the trip to the UK so I have set the sheepskin aside for the moment. Doesn't feel good at all, but I am being sensible. Found lots of leather scraps I had no idea I had. Quite big bits really, and nicely squashed after being crammed into a plastic bag. Who know why? Anyhow, they are now ironed and a lot flatter. Lovely colours, I can feel a project coming on.

This is dinner before it was cooked. I like chopping things up, I like using the big wok, I like eating no meat. The G&T wasn't strictly called for in the recipe but it seemed like a good idea. I have had my head full of an old school friend I was planning to meet up with in a couple of weeks when I'm in England. We haven't met since we were 18 and left school but recently found each other on FaceBook. I just read on her FB page that her funeral is next week. What a complex set of emotions that set off. Life is precious, and we never know how long or short it will be. NOW is all we know that we have! 

So, the G&T was called for anyhow! To drink in the now, and to appreciate every single day of this interesting life, full of interesting people. Some paid work came in today as well, first time in months. It's all go in the now, I tell you!

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