Hedge trimming by a professional !

Weather is good this morning which is just as well as Bruno arrived at 9am to give various hedges, shrubs etc their last trim for this year.
I also toured the garden with him pointing out 2 trees to be cut back and asking him to dig up one of the newest willows and replant in a new spot.
The empty place to be filled with a new willow of a different variety so he will give me a price for all this work and hopefully start in November.
Today he is also digging up the Magnolia tree at the front of the house and moving it to a new home between the 2 Apple trees in the back lawn.
Physio appointment at 11am and I'll be walking down to keep up my fitbit steps.
The afternoon won't be boring I hope you have a good day too and thanks for your visit it's appreciated.

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