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By HarlingDarling

The messy truth of morning!

We are slow starters, I am always up bright and early, Keith an hour or so after me - but we are dawdling and slow to get focussed on actual breakfast for example. Big cups of coffee or tea and then food around lunchtime. Honestly, getting dressed in actual clothes is optional as well. Here is Keith in his dressing gown, making the bucketful of tea he has most days.

Today we were expecting to provide back up for some good friends, and went into town as arranged. The back up wasn't needed inthe end so we had a walk in this glorious, mild, sunny day and sat in an actual café for a cup of coffee and a "snack". I got a piece of carrot cake, Keith ordered what he thought was a wrap with meat in it - which turned out to be a lovely plateful of actual food. 

So now we are at home deciding that more food isn't needed today and I have just mixed us two White Ladies, as explained by Munroist. (equal measures of gin, Cointreau and lime). I am obviously blipping before drinking that as it will probably affect my typing a little. I've had a little taste and it is well sour!

The sewing project is coming along nicely, the sheepskin is all secured and I'm halfway round the attaching of the velvet lining. it is looking quite swish and luxurious. I am pondering the need for additional decoration on the lining but decided to finish the basics first and then add things by hand if it feels right. I have a stash of laces and tapes and suchlike fripperies as can be gathered over a lifetime of second-hand shop rummaging. People chuck the most amazingly beautiful hand made things away, the amount of hand made lace I've found if really something, it takes hours to make lace, or fine crochet. I really feel I'm rescuing gems when I buy that sort of thing for pennies.

In other news: still no government in Sweden, but life seems to be going along as before. The dreadful scandal of" taxes that were never actually paid being reclaimed by people with far too much wealth already" broke in Sweden today. It is billions and billions of tax-payers money that has been fraudulently claimed (ie stolen), at the same time as there is a litany of we can't afford to pay for asylum seekers, health care, education etc. So sinful I could pop.

In yet other news, spurred on by the very sad demise of my old school friend just as we were reconnecting, two friends from uni and I are now seriously planning a meet up in the UK. One from Denmark, one from Iceland and me from Sweden. You have to take the chances you get, tomorrow might be too late. Cheers!

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