By Bob20

Panic stations!!!!!

You may be wondering what on earth is going on here? No need to panic though. Behind the roof and wood wall is a 100 year old turbine which I restored two years ago. It used to drive four pairs of millstones in the 17th century mill. It had been derelict for about 30 years and I was told when we purchased the property it was unrestorable. A good job I knew nothing about engineering; sometimes ignorance is bliss!! I carried on regardless and now it is connected to the National Grid.

The installation provides sufficient power to supply 25 or so local homes.

Water does not normally flow over the top as in the picture. Usually, it is just below the top of the wall!! Interestingly, we produce less power when there has been heavy rain as the water cannot get away quick enough for the turbine to be most efficient.

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