By Doyley22


.........of the twilight variety, has begun.
Admittedly there aren't too many on the water in this shot at 345pm but later they were in abundance.
We ventured to Heathcote this afternoon with Angus and Scarlett where there is a wonderful water themed childrens' playground with almost 180 degree views over the Swan River.  
Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting Wide Wednesday.
The warm weather is on the way for the next few days.
I'm heading south tomorrow with CB to join Ninniex and the Driver at their 'other house' to prepare ourselves for the Margaret River Classic 36 hole event over the weekend.  
With only a phone, blips might be thin on the ground.  
If so, I shall catch you all next week.
Have a wonderful weekend, mine starts tomorrow.  

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