Necessity is the mother of invention.

I have no vice to hold the papers still.
I have no archive approved glue to stick the papers together with.
I have no nice sticky brush to spread the glue with.
I have no smooth iron bar to weight the drying glued paper with.
I have an inventive nature.
And determination!

Today I sewed a cushion roll out of the sleeve of the sheepskin coat I slaughtered to make the blanket thingy. I lined it with the sleeve lining itself (duh, I wondered for ages what to use before remembering there were ready made linings). I filled it with buckwheat husks and it will be used under the back of the knees when lying flat - more relaxing by far than without! I have lots of other things I should be getting on with but the sewing bug has struck and I am helpless.

We had the company of Karin for most of the day which was very nice indeed. So much to talk about and explore. We raced around a bit towards the end of the afternoon as we were planning to go to the stove shop to see about a new chimney for the red house where the chimney fell off with the snow. It is a rather expensive repair to make, and we are unsure about doing it ourselves to be honest - making it even more expensive!

We also looked at stoves for our sitting-room-we-hardly-sit-in. It's on the north side of the house and is pretty gloomy most of the year. A stove with windows will be a huge improvement, and now we are home a lot more it seems well worth it. Big rearrangements of the room will be required, so that will have to be sorted before anything else can be done.

The film tonight was "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri", there's a review here. I really enjoyed it and only had to look away a few times when the violence got the better of me. There was a lot of hooting laughter too. Very well worth seeing for a lot of reasons, I am thinking and thinking about it!

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