By tondrijfhamer

White bikes and two stags.

Another day spent in an autumnal atmosphere.
Joke and Peter visited us today. In the morning we walked for an hour in the woods of National Park Veluwezoom, just as yesterday.
Spike went along as well. In fact, this walk was for him. It was meant to make him so tired he could sleep in the afternoon while he would be alone at home.

That plan worked out well. We left him after lunch and went to National Park De Hoge Veluwe. Once there we all took a free white bicycle and biked for quite a while. Great fun to do. Every now and then we stopped to make some photographs.

When it was getting dark around 17.00 we were in our cars again and went to a spot we thought we could see some deer.
And even that worked out. Although they were not very close, we did see a group of female deer. When I looked a bit more to the right I saw two stags fighting. An impressive sight. I'm glad I could make todays blip of it.

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