Sandö View

Today we were back at Sandö, role-playing a scenario for participants on a course at FBA, Folke Bernadotte Academy.  For me it involved spending 5 hours lying around outside in "a confused state" as different groups moved past our scenario, just as we did back in the spring (15 June). I can't say more because we wouldn't want future participants to know what may happen.
This is a view from one of the meeting rooms, looking north up the river. I suspect this house used to belong to one of the "Timber Barons", one of the few people who made a fortune in the first half of the last century through processing and exporting timber. At that time this now rather idyllic, sparsely populated, country area was a hub of the Swedish industrial revolution with thousands of workers, huge rafts of timber floating down the river, and boats lined up to ship the processed timber to the rest of Sweden and other countries. Apparently a lot of British mine tunnels were held up by pit props from this part of the world.
One of the spectacular elements in this part of the world is the Sandö Bridge. I've added an extra but the really great photograph of our day under the bridge, taken as darkness fell, is up on HarlingDarling's blip. Take a look if you haven't already seen it.

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