Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


I have a busy day ahead of me, so decided I would get up early and go out into the garden to take a photograph of one of our remaining geraniums - fortunately, it happened to be pink!  We had quite a hard frost and it was “hand and toe-tinglingly cold” outside, but the sun was shining and it looks as if it will be a beautiful day, weather-wise.

This geranium still has a number of buds on it, and it was interesting to note that although the sedums in the back of the flower bed were quite frosted, this flower wasn’t but just had dew drops on it.  When temperatures are low enough, dew takes the form of ice i.e. frost - but this geranium had obviously been protected by the blue fence behind it.  In other words, this flower had been in a place of sanctuary - a refuge from the low temperatures.  

Made me wonder how I could be that place of sanctuary for someone today - when I have my quiet time, usually first thing in the morning, I ask that I may be able to help someone and to encourage them.

This actually happened to me on Friday when I was at the bus stop - I spoke to a young lady who told me she was from Zimbabwe and that she was finding the weather quite cold - and it was very windy and cold on that particular day.  We chatted for sometime before the bus came then got on when she sat towards the back and I stayed at the front.  When we got off, she caught me up and told me her name - I gave her one of my little wooden hearts and she then told me that she had been feeling a little down because things hadn’t gone quite right for her at college, but because I had spoken to her, she said it had “lifted her spirit” and she felt much better - her words.  

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Two are better off than one, 
     because together they can work more effectively. 
If one of them falls down, 
     the other can help him up. 
But if someone is alone and falls, it’s just too bad,
     because there is no one to help him. 
If it is cold, two can sleep together and stay warm, 
     but how can you keep warm by yourself?
Two people can resist an attack 
     that would defeat one person alone. 
A rope made of three cords is hard to break.

Ecclesiastes 4 : 9-12 Good News Translation

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