Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Still some way to go

It was beautifully sunny this morning so I decided to go to some nearby woods that always have the best autumn colours around here - they are full of birch and beech trees which provide great colours in the autumn. However, as you can see from this image the colours still have some way to go - the trees were still very green and I suspect that lovely russet carpet of leaves is from last autumn. I will go back in about 3 weeks time and see if the colours are better then.

We heard some very sad news on the weekend. A friend of Adam's from school lost his dad two years ago - he was playing football and dropped dead from a cardiac arrest. This weekend we heard that the younger of his two sons, the brother of Adam's friend, who had only finished school this summer, died in the exact same way while he was on his gap year in Canada. How can one family endure such tragedy and loss? I cannot stop thinking of them and how fragile life can be.

I am missing Thomas today who is back at school again - he has a stressful week with some university entrance exams on Wednesday, but he has worked very hard for them so what will be will be. It all pales into insignificance when you consider what other families, as mentioned earlier,  are experiencing.

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