twinned with trumpton


A very slow start; up at six but by the time I'd pulled the pork (snirk snirk), sorted the kitchen, grabbed a shower etc I just sneaked in under the 0830 deadiline. And so I pulled out the headphones and tanned Tame Impala for a few hours whilst trying to sort my week.

She eventually showed, so we had a breakfast wander and knuckled down for more work.

I went on birthdya present search at lunchtime and got ideas. 

Then back to hers for the pulled pork for dinner with a smoky paprika infused coleslaw with beetroot and red onion to keep the purple theme going. And finally after sorting out Julie's day tomorrowl I was still tying up the lose ends of one awkward flucker.

A more studied version of one I posted elsewhere a few days back

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