Ann was on a course today. I helped a neighbour with their iPad, not that I know anything about iPad preferring Android, this expanded into a help list ending with 'why doesn't my answer phone work anymore'.

After lunch I went into town early so I could have a haircut, we have more barbers in Stratford than I can count, another one having opened up yesterday two doors from my regular and across the road road from another. I needed I haircut badly, Ann said my unruly grey hair made me look old, well it's still grey but much tidier now!

Before heading to Nero to meet Ann I had a mooch around looking for something Halloween'ish. Considering it's been the main topic of retail since the end of September I couldn't find anything I fancied taking a picture of.  There is a skeleton motorcyclist in a pub window, but too many reflections for a good, or any, pic.

So I randomly took other stuff and this is one of them. As I write this I haven't decided which one hoping for inspiration through the evening.

Later: as I couldn't find anything seasonal to my liking I decided to jump ahead a month or so. Even though it's still October, just, Stratford is putting up their Christmas lights.  The main tree is up at the end of Bridge Street and Henley Street is decked out too, in fact some of the Henley Street trees are already lit, just testing I guess.

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