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One Street

Another piece of NW 21st Avenue. I like the idea of becoming intimate with one street.

Here's another Ursula LeGuin poem from the book she did with Roger Dorband, Blue Moon Over Thurman Street. It is their book that inspired me to look at one street.


Street like a river
lives like fish
minnowkids flash by
troutsouls rise
everybody's nose

Street like a riverbed
lives like a river
busy noisy
on the run
going on going

Apologies to LeGuin that I cannot replicate her spacing, which is part of the poem but won't work here.

I've decided to call this project "One Street," and for those who are Blip members, I started a Forum thread on it. I imagine remaining committed to this for three, five, maybe even ten years if I'm around that long. Andy Goldsworthy says you have to live in one place through two generations before you know it. He says you need to see kids born, go to school, grow up and leave home, before you know a town. I spent my generations moving from place to place, but for as long as I can, I'd like to watch this street in all weathers and seasons, watching the changes come, nose upstream, moving downstream. Some pictures will be color, some mono. Sometimes I'll shoot by stealth and sometimes I'll do interviews or portraits of friendly neighbors. I'll see where it leads and who else boards this train.

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