Tiny Tiger's Grand Adventure!

My husband went backpacking without me on Tuesday of this week. When I got home from work that day, I found a little sign sitting where the Tiger once was. It said, "Finally!" Yes, finally Tiny Tiger got to go along!

My husband arrived home from his journeys on Wednesday afternoon, and Tiny Tiger had a wild story to tell. The adventure included a Bog of Despair, a Waterfall of Doom, and an Impenetrable Thicket of Jaggers.

Tiny Tiger also brought me home this genuine Quehanna rock, which we all examined with great interest. (The accompanying sign was created by my husband, of course!)

My husband confirmed Tiny Tiger's wild story; yes, he'd checked out a part of Quehanna he hadn't investigated before, with challenging terrain. His pants were nearly ruined, his boots were full of dirty, stinking bog-water, and he had bloody scrapes all over his arms and legs to validate the tale!

So here is the gang checking out the Quehanna rock. You can see the cat-steeds, the last Dancing Girl astride her pink piglet, and the Crittergators checking out the fancy new rock. Tiny Tiger says, "Whew, what an ADVENTURE!"

The soundtrack is a Journey tune from their 1981 album Escape. It offers encouragement for travelers who may have bitten off just a little bit more adventure than they can handle. Here is Journey, with Don't Stop Believin'.

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