Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

walking the dog

Or is it the dog walking us? Anyhow, we walked along the river in Witton Park and Bramble swam as much of the way as possible. She loves water, and is a confident swimmer - and floating stick chaser.

Soup was made for the workers to eat this evening as we were heading out for food and conversation. We drove to Ribchester and visited the very pretty little church and the Roman Museum. it, and the church are built on top of the Roman fort that was huge and there for 3 centuries. Who knew it was that big a thing?  Not me till today.

Incredible finds have been made over many years, and they carry on. Gold coins, an almost complete bronze helmet, masses of pottery and glass - neither of which were made in Lancashire at the time. They got new foods due to the Roman presence too, and the crafts made locally found a market. It was really interesting to find out more, and the museum is a marvel of well used minimal space.

In the evening we met up with my cousin Jean and her two grown up children and their partners, and children. We have a tiny wee family and are working on making sure we don't lose touch. It was a really nice evening and we shared stories and looked at some of the photos I've been finding. It's interesting to look at faces and find similarities down the generations. And had a fish and chip supper and a couple of pints as well. What a good holiday we are having!

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