Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

Be prepared

Hubby was a Boy Scout many moons ago and I think the motto stuck. Yesterday I mentioned that the Beast from the East is allegedly going to pay a visit next week. Thank you ValC for the warning. Today I had reason to go to the wonderful Boyes in Billingham seeking buttons. Some wool also managed to appear in my basket too. Baby Bump is going to need warm jackets in January/February so I am also preparing.Hubby went off wandering. He actually likes Boyes as they sell everything and he always manages to find a bargain. The sledges were sitting by the door so he decided to buy one - for Maddie. Bridget and Molly decided to test it. I am afraid Bridget lost her pants and Molly lost a shoe. Far too much excitement. I suppose we can expect a snowless Winter now the sledge has been purchased!
It seems to be Friday and the weekend again - enjoy.

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